From the story   -   The Odyssey
Of the tradition   -   Greek Oral Poetry
Role in story   -   Goddess of wisdom, purposeful battle, and womanly arts
Family members   -   Zeus

Athena is the Daughter of Zeus and goddess of wisdom, purposeful battle, and the womanly arts. Athena assists Odysseus and Telemachus with divine powers throughout the Odyssey, and she speaks up for them in the councils of the gods on Mount Olympus. She often appears in disguise as Mentor, an old friend of Odysseus.

Character TraitsEdit

  • Has a soft spot for Odysseus
    • Helps him out of many tough situations
      • Shipwreck in Book 5
      • Mismatched battle of Book 22
    • Takes an interest in Odysseus for the talents he already has and actively demonstrates.
      • Does not become fully involved in suitor's battle
  • Often helps Telemachus
    • Sends him off to Pylos and Sparta to earn a name for himself
  • Confident
  • Practical
  • Clever
  • Master of disguises
  • A great warrior

  The Odyssey by Homer edit

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