From the story   -   The Odyssey
Of the tradition   -   Greek Oral Poetry
Role in story   -   Messenger god

Hermes is the messenger god. In book 5, Hermes is sent to demand from Calypso Odysseus's release from the island of Aeaea. In book 10, he protects Odysseus from Circe by bestowing upon him a herb which protects him from her soporific spell. Hermes also appears in book 24, where he leads the freshly slain suitors and disloyal maids to the underworld.

  The Odyssey by Homer edit

Ithaca Residents: Odysseus - Telemachus - Penelope - Eumaeus - Eurycleia - Melanthius - Melantho - Laertes
Gods and Goddesses: Athena - Poseidon - Zeus - Hermes
Suitors: Antinous - Eurymachus - Amphinomus
Voyage Acquaintances: Calypso - Polyphemus - Circe - Tiresias - Nestor - Menelaus - Helen - Agamemnon
Phaeacians: Nausicaa - Alcinous - Arete

Italacized members are Odysseus's enemies - Strike-through members are deceased by the end of The Odyssey