The Phaeacians are a sea-faring people. After Odysseus' boat sinks, he washes up on their shore and is taken in by Nausicaa. He later talks to her parents, king Alcinous and queen Arete. They listen to his story of his voyage after the Trojan war and later provide him with voyage back to Ithaca.

  The Odyssey by Homer edit

Ithaca Residents: Odysseus - Telemachus - Penelope - Eumaeus - Eurycleia - Melanthius - Melantho - Laertes
Gods and Goddesses: Athena - Poseidon - Zeus - Hermes
Suitors: Antinous - Eurymachus - Amphinomus
Voyage Acquaintances: Calypso - Polyphemus - Circe - Tiresias - Nestor - Menelaus - Helen - Agamemnon
Phaeacians: Nausicaa - Alcinous - Arete

Italacized members are Odysseus's enemies - Strike-through members are deceased by the end of The Odyssey