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There is a lot of content on the Oral Tradition Wiki about Twbtg2's project on Native American trickster stories. There are 61 articles on the entire site (some are about The Odyssey) so it may seem daunting to know where to start. Several routes have been designed for those people who want to make sure they get the most of their time on this site. Don't feel bad for which one you don't choose - you can always come back and choose it at another point in time.

The Scenic Route[]

This route includes all articles in the project, with the exception of the individual source pages.

The Video Lover Route[]

This route is for people who like watching videos rather than reading the textual versions of the traditions. It provides some background information.

The Book Worm Route[]

Alright, this website is not a book, but this route is for those people who love to read. It also includes some background information.

The Book Worm Route

Don't Be Too CuriousCoyote and JuncoCoyote Steals a DrinkSourcesOther Routes

The "Less is More" Route[]

This is for people who don't have much time but want to get the general "gist" of the project.

What is Oral Tradition? Route[]

This is for the beginners to the study of Oral Tradition. No experience required.

The Beginners Route

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  Twbtg2's Project on Native American Trickster Stories edit

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